New Year, New Blog, New Me

IMG_4745I’ve always been a huge reader. I love reading. Articles, books, magazines, blogs, the back of a cereal box. I’ll read anything. I read all the Little House on the Prairie Books in 4th grade; read Little Women in 5th grade; read all of the Harry Potter books in a week in a half in 6th grade. I had read Gone with the Wind twice by 8th grade, and actually read every textbook and assigned book in high school [college was a little different – I was mostly reading CliffsNotes and the back cover of assigned books then].

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a writer though. Sure, the handful of times I’ve found an enjoyable essay topic, I’ve semi enjoyed it. I mean, I can crank out a 12 page paper at 2 a.m. the night before it’s due like a pro. I’m definitely more of a reader than a writer though.

However, I have decided that I need some sort of outlet for my unabridged thoughts. Graduating college, gallivanting across Europe, being thrown headfirst into adulthood, starting my first “big-girl job”, and moving to a new city knowing basically no one has left me with a lot of thoughts. My goals or “resolutions” for 2016 are much different and are much greater than those of years past. In order to keep myself accountable, I have decided to make my blog public information. Maybe some recent graduate or college senior will stumble across it and find some valuable information too! Who knows?

The second purpose to my blog is to help keep my creative and writing skills up-to-date! In a more sales-oriented position, I want to do everything I can to make sure that I’m continuing to improve my public relations skills. I’ll build my SEO and web analytics skills in building up my blog. I’ll be able to write content and be creative with my [ideally weekly] posts. I can work on my graphic design and photography in adding multimedia to my posts and other website content. I’ll hopefully also be able to tie in some social media to it, as well. I see so many possibilities with this blog/website!

New year, new you and all, right? So here [it] goes: my unabridged thoughts, ideas, and personal and professional experiences now on the worldwide web.


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