Next Destination: CLEVELAND

ImageSeptember 11th, 2015, I accepted a full-time position with PR Newswire in their New Business Development Department. That is fancy talk for sales. The position was for their Cleveland office. I would start my first “big-girl job” in October!

I would be moving across the country [across two states] where I knew no one [my boyfriend already lived there] to a city I wasn’t really fond of [it’s growing on me]. Cleveland: The Rock and Roll Capital of the World, C-Town, The North Coast [and as some refer to it: The Mistake on the Lake].

I now get to embark on the journey to adulthood, and engage in the many struggles of a postgraduate. Paying bills, living on my own, a 9 to 5 job and trying to “adult”. Oh, the fun of life after college.

So my next destination: Cleveland





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