A Postgrad Spring Break

IMG_1318.fullIt’s your first Spring Break after graduation. All of your younger friends are getting super excited about going to PCB or Frat Lauderdale, or for those friends who splurged, Cancun or Puerto Rico. It suddenly dawns on you that your friends will all be drinking on the beach and enjoying the much warmer southern weather while you sit in your cubicle, working from 9 to 5.

Here are a couple ways to combat the serious FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] you will definitely experience during your first post-grad Spring Break.

  1. Try to get in on the fun

If you’ve been working long enough, you probably have some money saved up and can take a few days off work to join in on one of your friends’ trip!

  1. Take a trip of your own

If you can’t afford a weeklong trip, or get that many days off, organize a weekend trip withIMG_1342 some of your other friends! Even if it’s just going somewhere a few hours south like Nashville or Myrtle Beach, spending those few days in the warmer weather will help ease the FOMO.

  1. Plan a trip for next year

It’s not as rewarding right now, but planning a trip for next year’s Spring Break will make you feel like that beach trip is close. Plus, if you start planning now, you’re likely to get in on some early planning discounts and cheaper flights.

Bonus – you’ll be on a trip of your own for next year’s Spring Break!

  1. Plan something fun during the week

Whether it’s finally attending that new yoga class you’ve been dying to try, going to a festival in your own city, or just day drinking on the weekend with some friends, plan something to look forward to during the week. It will give you something to look forward to during the week and it’s bound to be fun!

  1. Stay off social media – especially Snapchat & Instagram

It will be horrible, but try to stay off social media for the week. It will just add to the FOMO IMG_3355and will make you jealous of all your friends enjoying Spring Break.

  1. Go shopping

Normally, I don’t recommend shopping while you are upset or angry [it leads to impulse purchases and you end up spending way more than you wanted to]. However, for Spring Break, I will make an exception.

Shopping is an oddly rewarding experience. Not only do you feel great picking out new clothes and trying on fun spring/summer pieces [like swimsuits and dresses!], but it’s so fun showing other people what you bought, too!


Hopefully this post eased your pain for your first postgrad Spring Break. And if it didn’t, well, at least know there are other people suffering the same pain, too.


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