Culver Calendars & Events Application

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While working with Culver Academies, I had the unique opportunity to develop and brand a mobile and desktop application for the school to utilize with parents, students, faculty/staff and community members.

To create this application, we worked with Guidebook, a mobile application software used for conferences and events, university activities, and other similar occasions. In working with Guidebook, we developed an application specific to Culver Academies.

The application is intended to make Culver more accessible to everyone, whether they are a staff member, student, alumni or parents. The main purpose was to put all of Culver’s calendars, including sports, fine arts, academic, administrative, etc., in one central location. It also provides a variety of resources such as information about campus services, a campus contact list, emergency procedures, an extensive notification system with various options and even the weekly dining hall menu.


As of January, 2015, the application had 8,482 unique guide downloads.



The link to the desktop version of the Culver Calendars & Events application is:

To download on a mobile device, go to the app store and search Culver Calendars & Events.